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Swhorl is a new social media and news aggregation application that allows smart watch, iPad and iPhone owners to access the important events in their online world without having to constantly switch between apps. In a well-designed and intuitive solution, users can keep track of important updates and local news whilst on the move and utilising the very latest in mobile technology. Swhorl makes social media simpler and easier.

Privacy Policy

The Swhorl app runs exclusively on your watch, pad and phone, retrieving data directly from the social media and news platforms you permission. There is no data stored anywhere else for Swhorl, so there are no privacy issues. We do not hold your data on any database, and we do not use our own servers to accomplish Swhorl functionality. You can turn off permissions on a platform by platform basis using the phone control panel for the Swhorl app. We strongly advise that you should protect your personal data by securing your watch, phone and pad with whatever security functionality the device offers.

"Cool, clean, clever and convenient - why has no one else done this?"

"I find myself using my phone less and less, and my watch more, just to check what's going on"

"Top Marks ! Swhorl is the ideal place to see all my social media and news feeds in one place........ Keep up the great work team."

WHAT IS Swhorl ?

Swhorl is a new social media and news feed aggregation tool which presents your important updates on your smart watch, iPhone or iPad.

Contemporary, modern design

The app is designed to work exclusively on the new Apple Watch, Apple iPad and Apple iPhone, and adopts the latest design innovations developed by Apple, and gives you a harmonious experience across your Apple devices

Easy to Use

Glancing through your important social media updates and news feeds couldn't be simpler, you don't even need to get your phone or pad out, but if you do you'll find the same easy to use interface

Unique New Features

When you see an item in your social media or news feed that you are keen to read later, you can bookmark that item. If you do this on your Apple Watch, the iPhone paired with that Watch will automatically sync. and store that bookmark. The iPad can be used independently (there is no natural ability to pair the iPad and Apple Watch yet as of Sep 2015),


You can also now share interesting items via text message or e-mail, from within the Swhorl app


Once you have used Swhorl on your smart Watch you will find it the most convenient way to get an immediate impression of your important social media activity. However, now you can also use the Swhorl app on your iPhone and iPad ! Plus, a great new feature, we've added bookmarking to the app, so you can return to a favourite social media or news item later on. Then, if you want to share those items, you can do that easily from within Swhorl. We are keen to add more features and feeds, so keep your requests coming in.

News Feeds

We have built a Feedly interface into the app, so you can incorporate your important news feeds into the information you can see on your watch.


NEW FEATURE : When you see a social media or news item you would like to take a look at later you can bookmark the item on your Watch for reading on the iPhone

Full Control

To give you full control over which feeds are shown within Swhorl, you can use the phone paired with your watch to sign in and out of platforms, and switch data feeds on and off.

Social Media at a glance

Swhorl is supporting the major social media platforms, bringing you an aggregated summary of key events

Detail view

Once you select an item that interests you, a detailed view will pop up.

Currently supported feeds:


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Feedly
  • Tumblr


We've also incorporated several useful news and general feeds for you to enjoy.


To request a new feed e-mail us here

Follow and Share the Detail

If you're on your iPhone or iPad, you can follow the links referred to in the detailed item you are looking at. You can also easily share the item with friends, family and colleagues via text or e-mail


At Swhorl we are always keen to hear your thoughts about our app. Please feel free to contact us.

Phone:   +44 7973 512205

Email:     info@swhorl.com


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